Small Business and Personal Accounting Software has never been easy to understand, prescribe nor troubleshoot. Each software solution was designed for subsets of users only and it was hard for anyone to grow easily from novice to professional in the past paradigm controlled by Intuit.

Wouldn't it be nice if a more universal software solution existed that was built in an entirely different eco-system and fit all the basic and advanced user groups in a simpler yet more unique and holistic way?

Welcome to Paradigm Busting, Cloud Based, Open Source, Data Independent, Flexible, EZ to Use Accounting "Software" brought to you via standalone Google Sheet Templates with only YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIND!!

Here's to a Big Breath of Fresh, Crisp, Clean Air!!

If we are to have honest conversations about Funny Money Tree Farmers, Trillions in "Debt", Debt-Slavery-Gone Mad, (Energetic) Cannibalism, Pedophilia, Global GMO Toxicity, Death by Big Pharma, Rabid Corporatism, Criminal Higher Education, Scary 5G, Moon Trips w/ Rockets?, Sexually Confusing Liberation, Free College Education and Medi-Care-For-All we need 1) a higher level of Accounting Literacy and/or 2) far greater Personal Accountability in the Public Body!!

Given so few truly know how to be personally accountable for themselves or anyone else for that matter, it's time to give Accounting Illiteracy the Great Old Heave Ho!

Anything other than that is an unconscionable burden on precious Energy, and it's clear to me via the Bees that Mother Earth is growing short on healthy trees -- and all this has me weak in the knees!!

Bee after Bee is arriving to me in very poor health, and that's not the sign one ever wants to see. It's time again to slow down a bit to speed things up -- the best way to do that is by dropping a few knots -- and dissolving Accounting Illiteracy really hits the spot!!

This video should start at 2:30 and stop watching around 4:00...

Evan Hutcheson is a CPA in Nashville TN. According to his Youtube videos one of the groups he caters to is small and midsize construction Companies.

On 2/15/2020, this video to the left had 30,000 views with 150 thumbs up and only 17 thumbs down; so a lot of folks really liked what he had to say.

From 2:30 to 4:00 in this video, Evan tells youtubers how to manually download and categorize transactions for bookkeeping cost savings. He then instructs them to send that spreadsheet data to their CPA or bookkeeper for entry into Quickbooks.

This software represents an alternative proposition that starts out the exact same way, but then you just never leave the spreadsheet! Why not do a manual download and categorization process with a spreadsheet just like he suggests, but then just complete the bookkeeping process in a really well designed, cloud based, GAAP aligned, spreadsheet?

Please be sure to say thanks to Even for the youtube contribution and keep him in mind if you are in the Nashville area and/or are looking for a talented CPA! ( )

Introductory Videos

!! This 'software' is distributed via Licensed Professionals only. No downloadable versions are available on this website. !!

!! This 'software' is provided with 1 years worth of Sample Data for John Doe Acupuncture and a Faux Banking Website for Bookkeeping Education and Simulation as well as Technology Training and Education !!

These videos were created for individuals familiar with the terms Chart of Accounts, Ledgers, Statement Reconciliation, General Journal, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc. These were not intended to be educational in that sense.

These videos are about 1 year old. Some features have changed slightly others have progressed dramatically. The Balance Sheet is now in the same file and fully automated after a manual setup process.

1) Basic Functionality (3:14)

2) Advanced Functionality (3:02)

The Weekly/BiWeekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annual Bookkeeping Process at Full Speed in 6 minutes (5:58)

Functionality Not Shown in these Videos:

    • Full Balance Sheet and General Ledger functionality
    • Budget Reporting, additional Income Statement Reporting, Transaction Reporting, other reporting
    • Data Integrity Tools not seen in accounting software prior (in addition to a Balance Sheet and for use when that is not being used)
    • Transaction Generator for Financial Simulation
    • Custom Menu Items for Graphical User Interface Manipulation
    • The internal and external code Libraries
    • Bilbo's Bank - Faux Banking website for simulation and education
    • Worksheets for Note taking and access to help files
    • A refresh-able first worksheet called "Nav 1" (short for Navigation 1) that provides an update-able list of all sheets in the workbook

"Paradigm Shift" is said by many but few times is it ever as dramatic as it is with this software solution

Welcome to true 21st Century Accounting

A New Distribution Model too! (?!?)

Due to the technical complexity of the custom file setup, initial learning curves for novices, the ability for novices and professionals alike to totally screw up their own file templates, AND the desire to build commercial community in a distributed manner as opposed to consolidating it for a few, this solution can only be purchased through Registered Professionals at this time!

The software is tentatively going to be marketed under the brand name "ZAP Accounting Software" although that may change slightly.

Also. Please note, this is just the first in what may be a rather long line of Technology related publishing in a similar vain, so if you get the hang of using these types of templates, selling this type of work, educating others on this type of work and supporting them for a fee as needed, there may be many more opportunities coming to build business. (Point of Sale, Legal Billing, Contractor Billing, Patient Management, Product Management, Brick and Mortar Office management, SOAP Notes -- they've all been prototyped and are now waiting for a broader audience to arrive)

Welcome Packet!!

A Short Welcome Letter!! -- 2/10/2020



For any Business to be 'successful' or any 'Software Program' to be consumed on a mass scale, there has to be a PROBLEM that needs to be solved.

We have so many, it was hard to pinpoint a single one as being worse than another. That's just the way 'they' like it, btw.

Eventually, I was able to focus on a BIG ONE, called 'Accounting Illiteracy'.

I first formally noticed it in the early 1990's while growing in victim-hood.

By the late 1990's I had broken out of the Accounting fog with a satchel of passion and the goal of supporting like-minded others if and when they were ready to break out too!

As a result of my experiences and my desire to support others, I have been working part time since then to develop a secure, cloud based, data independent, open source, low cost,flexible, double entry accounting system for use in 1) small business 2) personal finance 3) financial education and 4) technology education. Intuit just wasn't getting the job done in a manner that was beneficial enough for the hard working self-employed people that kept their investors and employees in the green.

Also it had to fit all possible user scenarios for small businesses and individuals:

    • Full Use By Small Business People - Monthly Statement Reconciliation, Income Statement Reporting and Balance Sheet Reporting w/ General Ledger understanding.
    • Partial Use by Small Business People and Individuals - Monthly Statement Reconciliation and Income Statement Reporting (sans the Balance Sheet)
    • Less Use - Monthly Statement Reconciliation
    • Even Less Use - "I just need to enter a bunch of transactions in a list and get a report that tells me what I spent and allows me to find them later if I need too!"

I've always thought if I was going to take a swing at a PROBLEM, it was best to SWING BIG!

I'm glad you're here reading this, and I hope you too are ready to give this a Great Heave Ho!


The Accounting Illiteracy Problem Defined & a Solution Suggested !

Problem - Accounting Illiteracy

We have an Accounting Illiteracy problem, and we've had this for just over a century now.

    • The Accounting Illiteracy stems from a manipulated educational system that was setup by "them" about 100 years ago to slowly ensure no one could do Basic Accounting.
    • The strategies for confusion included two and three words for every task, report or functionality and a level of silliness with a comparative Net Worth Statement that most came to know as something else while getting wrapped in a thousand tiny knots.
    • Unfortunately, in the past 20 years, the same, similar, splinter or copy-cat group(s) of 'them' have sought even more cognitive control by injecting "core curriculum math" into the elementary education mix while totally fubarring the user interface for Microsoft Windows with each release.
    • The result has been cognitively devastating on the public body. Asking them to have any coherent conversations about money or anything else that requires critical thinking is a non-starter and that's a real scam that is getting scarier by the day now!

Solution - Cloud Based Spreadsheet Templates that represent modern, Data Independent, Open Source Accounting 'Software' that's EZ to use with no recurring costs for life!

The introduction and consumption of a secure, cloud based, data independent, open source, low cost, flexible, EZ to Use, double entry accounting system in CLOUD BASED SPREADSHEETS for use in 1) small business 2) personal finance 3) financial education and 4) technology education is a real game changer. This makes for a wonderful path forward.

Short and Long Term Goals and Objectives


Seek Accounting Literate Professionals who see the Technology and Educational problems now clearly for what they are and who are engaged in commerce in a way that they can put these templates to use for mutual commercial gain immediately!

The short term goal is to offer the cloud based spreadsheet templates, instructions, education and support to financial professionals, technology professionals,and educational professionals who have the ability to put the software to use in their own work and that of their clients and/or students immediately.

    • There will be fees for the initial file access and education to the Professionals. These are one time licensing and registration fees.
    • We will expect licensing fees from any clients or students these professionals setup for individual use, and that agreement will clarify a an unlimited user only licensing status with a specific Professional for support.

The Best Analogy we can come up with for this market entry strategy is comparable to a Clinical Nutrition manufacturer who sells thru Registered Practitioners only. With this model, the only people that could get the product would have to be related to a Trained Professional and zero direct support would be provided by the developers.


After a positive reputation is established over several or many years, we intend on adding a direct access option for the software templates with free and/or fee-based public education provided by commercial vendors.

    • True DIYer's in our world deserve to have full access to this for their own use at very low or no cost for life without needing to go through other Professionals.
    • True DIYers are a small portion of our population but a critical one that has been treated very poorly by technology, education and publishing professionals in recent years, and as one of them, I have not appreciated that at all.
    • The problem with granting global, unlimited access for all DIYers from the get go is reputation management. Help us get that more under control and we can speed up this evolutionary process!

Objectives (aka My Hopes...)

    1. It is my hope you can use this new fangled Accounting Software to save time while doing your own bookkeeping and accounting
    2. It is my hope you can use this new fangled Accounting Software to save money while doing your own bookkeeping and accounting
    3. It is my hope you can use this new fangled Accounting Software to make money by offering more transparent services to clients and students that they want and deserve
    4. It is my hope you can use this newly fanged Accounting Software to go after those in the education, software, and hardware arena who have intentionally lead the public astray for many decades! If some of those folks can't be converted to more socially oriented leaders, just keep chasing them back into their bottles! Now is the time to pursue such endeavors with far more Passion. Here's to a New Age with all kinds of New Adventures!

A Welcome with Empathy, Sympathy and a Step Back in Time!!

I can empathize with many of you who feel your Accounting and Bookkeeping was beyond your grasp. There was a time when it was foreign and confusing to me too. Thankfully, that time has past, and hopefully I can share some insight, some memory tricks, and a few paradigm busting tools which might enable you to bust through your own accounting fog too, if you so choose.

During my journey from accounting newbie to my current understanding, I was shocked at what I discovered about our Accounting Education System. It's no wonder most are Accounting Illiterate, as the system was setup to achieve illiteracy, not understanding. Such a simple concept that has been summarily discounted by all the logical types, but one that is falling under far more scrutiny by the day now, and that's what makes these very exciting times in-deed!

Accounting isn't as difficult as the masses have been lead to believe.

It's only additions and subtraction with an occasional amount of multiplication and division tossed in from time to time.

You had all the basic tools to do accounting before you were 8 years old.

Who knew, right?

So what went wrong?

They did.

It's not what, and it's not you.

It's who.

I'm not going to tell you who they are as I'm still enjoying the discoveries myself. I'll tell you a bit about what happened as near as I can tell, but I'll only be able to sprinkle it in because you wouldn't want it any other way.

We all got duped and gypped with our education. That's all it was in recent times...

    • We can't blame it on our teachers or parents because they got duped and gypped too.
    • From facts and vague personal interactions, it seems the current flavor of Accounting related duping and gypping dates back to the creation of the FED in 1913. But it goes back way beyond that.
    • The Free Banking Act in the 1860's was anything but free. Those little devils love to use contradictory words for sure.
    • Keep back-peddling to the Second Bank of America in the early 1800's and a short and odd war preceding that, and then fall back to the First Bank of America and a decade prior that was filled with counterfeiting -- and it's then you get a better feel. That Hamilton fellow was not the hero Broadway is depicting him to be today, btw. I'll try to leave my personal feelings and yours out of this for now because we have more interesting things to discuss!
    • If we keep going back through centuries and then a millennia or two, we can find Accounting related games (aka Commercial Games) around the time of Christ (assuming he existed), and if we go further back, we find this place called Babylon. Ahh yes. Babylon. I am more a fan of Sumeria, but let's focus on Babylon.
    • From a Babylonian perspective, some might admit that getting duped and gypped was part of the experience we've all wanted to explore in a odd and mysterious way, albeit it's most assuredly gotten far more than a bit or two out of hand IMO.

No matter your thoughts on Sumeria, Babylon, duping, gypping or them, we have some exciting, new Accounting opportunities to explore because it's now time to offer open source Accounting Education to the masses yet again!! Many won't want it initially as we didn't either, but sometimes, we all need to eat our broccoli and beets while watching rocks levitate too!!

If we are to have honest conversations about Funny Money Tree Farmers, Trillions in "Debt", Debt-Slavery-Gone Mad, (Energetic) Cannibalism, Pedophilia, Sexual Liberation, Free College Education and Medi-Care For All, we simply can't do that without a higher level of Accounting Literacy in the Public Body!!

For Accounting, Finance, Technology and Education Professionals

As suggested above, our goal is to market through US based Professionals for US customers as opposed to direct sales via a website. Our desire is to have no direct contact with end users at this time. This emphasizes local and regional commercial networks in a way that is in the best interest of Communities around the country and around the Globe. If we are not successful delivering this product through a Professional Network we will turn this over to Silicon Valley sharks and allow them to execute a direct marketing model, which most likely includes a shift offshore, consolidation there and sell back into the US offering support services at prices that all consumers and users will love while not benefiting Professionals nor local communities in many ways at all.

  1. Please read the information above, the Welcome Packet above, and please watch the introductory videos
  2. Please go to the "Software" Menu and take a look at that extensive set of documentation there. Review the "About" page, our Programs for Pros, the Cognitive Concepts and anything else we may have added with time.
  3. Please consider becoming a Licensed Professional and become a part of this Accounting Literacy Revolution.
  4. Please reach out once you feel it's something you are ready to discuss or take part in. More about all this in the Programs for Pros section of the website.

For Interested End Users

  1. Please do the same thing that was asked of the Pros just above.
  2. If you have interest in this solution, please reach out to Accounting, Finance, Technology or Education Professional who you feel would qualify for our Professional Licensing Program and ask them to become a Licensed Pro so you can gain access to this solution through them. They may be more interested in supporting you in this endeavor if you come to them with a handful of friends all interested in our software solution. If you can round up a gazillion, they'd likely be even more interested! When we have a posted list of Professionals for reference we'll add a link here!

"Paradigm Shift" is said by many, but few times is it ever as dramatic as it is with this software solution

Welcome to true 21st Century Accounting

If you have further interest please continue on with the other sections of the website in any order that feels best for you!!