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The Bookkeepers' Secrets - A Beginner's Guide -- DRAFT 100% COMPLETE (20 pages)

The Beginners Guide is designed to provide a foundational accounting education in under 20 minutes. It's almost like an initiatory process or right of passage that has been missing from the US Educational System for over 100 years. It's light. The Vocabulary is light. There are reference sheets in the back for longer term learning and there is a short exercise that enables newbies to test out their skills. There is also an brief introduction to THEM, with no specific groups or names mentioned. It's a FAST read designed to be slightly FUN, with the real goal being a bonding experience.

The Bookkeeper's Secrets - Book 1 - Basic Bookkeeping Topics -- DRAFT 100% COMPLETE (50 pages)

This is the first in a series of Educational Books designed to replace introductory accounting textbooks both in the US and Globally. This series focuses on introductory accounting education using positive and negative values instead of debits and credits. This particular book starts with education related to Key Reporting. That includes the Net Income Statement (aka the Income Statement) and the Comparative Net Worth Statement (aka the Balance Sheet) and it works backwards from there through the General Ledger to the Journals for data entry. This very unique approach to Accounting Education is a combination of Mr. Rogers meets the Rosetta Stone. It includes hints and suggestions related to the Accounting Education conspiracies and commercial strategies which have lead billions astray on a topic that is nothing more than addition and subtraction under the hood.

The Bookkeeper's Secrets - Book 2 - Advance Bookkeeping Topics -- DRAFT 100% Complete (36 pages)

Key Journal Entries are covered in detail including Asset/Liability & Expense, Reversal of those, Transfers between accounts, Paid in Equity, Due To Accounts, Payroll and Owner Draws. Inventory Entries and the General Journal are introduced. Split Journal entries are covered as is Aggregated Statement Reconciliation and the Chart of Accounts -- and with that education, the reader is ready for the software...

The Bookkeeper's Secrets - Book 3 - Strategy and Dark Strategy Covered! -- DRAFT 100% Complete (20 pages)

Bookkeeping in Arrears, Manual Download and Date Import and Aggregated reconciliation are covered. Absolute clarity between Bookkeeping and Cash flow management are made. Suggestions for cash flow management are provided and Cash Flow is King is introduced with a Corona Virus example. Finally , readers are taught basics about cash skimming and money laundering for self-preservation purposes.

The Bookkeeper's Secrets - Book 4 - Software Starts, the hard part -- DRAFT 80% Complete (17 pages)

Entering existing company data into a new software package without carrying in all the prior data since t=0 is one of the harder if not the hardest tasks a bookkeeper faces. In this book you will gain insight as to what the problems with that are and you are told how to handle that in general and specifically for the companion software for this publishing. This "problem' provides a great tool for reinforcing your understanding of the General Ledger and the simple way in which the reports are generated from it .

Books - Accounting Related Conspiracy...

Once upon a time... in a land far far away... a game called commerce was hatched from seemingly nothing at all.....


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