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What makes this solution so Unique and so Great?

When paradigms get broken, the biggest problem is conveying the level to which they are going to break before they break so some important folks can be prepared for the fallout.

An old fashioned Features and Benefits list isn't the fastest nor best way to convey a new paradigm as it's hard to measure magnitude. It's far easier to let experienced users put their hands on the new paradigm tools than to explain them because a truly new experience mixed with volumes of prior personal experience in an older system is always the fastest teacher. But what if the new paradigm revolves around private and uncontrollable software? Software with no connections back to the developers once shared with a user?

In such a case, short videos will have to satisfy that initial hands on feeling. They should also give those with volumes of experience something to hang on to when the experience itself tosses everyone for one Giant and Humongous Loop!



This has been designed for Tax Accounting first and foremost, with no confusing Cost Accounting and Financial Tracking functionality built in...

Cognitively, Intuit and the other industry controllers have kept everyone confused by mixing up Tax Accounting functionality with Cost Accounting functionality while encouraging Cost Accounting and free will first with Tax Accounting as an after thought.

Our approach to education and use is exactly 180 degrees out of phase with these current controllers who are in fact exactly 180 degrees out of phase with your best interest. This is why this solution feels so refreshing for Pros and Novices alike.

Don't fear Tax Accounting. With but a few hours of education, you can learn to lean into it easily and before you know it, you have it mastered like riding a bike, and you can move on to more exciting topics with the ability to hop on the bike for a short ride whenever needed!

This is a Double Entry Accounting Solution that feels like a Categorization System and can easily operate like one too if desired

The largest problem with current Small Business Accounting software is the control which Intuit has over the industry with Quickbooks and the influence Quicken had on non-double entry accounting solutions.

For double entry bookkeeping for most it's Quickbooks or Quickbooks, and for anything else, most are herded towards pseudo bookkeeping solutions like Freshbooks and You Need a Budget which allow for transaction categorization and reporting without offering a proper accounting environment which includes things like a Chart of Accounts (a category List plus some), a General Journal, an Income Statement Report and a Balance Sheet.

To compound matters, the marketing on all current "accounting software offerings" is very confusing by their design.

The marketers and developers behind them grossly mix up Tax Accounting and Cost Accounting needs in such a a way that only true Professionals can even figure out what's going on.

This Spreadsheet based solution is an entirely different bread of software that has never been seen before commercially, and much of that has to do with the developer's mindset as anything else. When the goal is easy to use software tools with transparency with a users best interest in mind as opposed to Billionaire status for the bankers, marketers and developers behind an idea, the game changes dramatically and you should feel that instantly.

This is a full double entry accounting solution but can be used as a simple categorization system without any pains.

This allows for all types of basic and advanced users and it allows users to grow from a categorization process to a Full Accounting Process without any change in software.

As Private as it can get in the Cloud

These are just Google Sheet Templates that you make copies of and then go on your way. Your data is not stored in a structured data silo, allowing for data mining, which is NOT in your best interest. You sign no agreements with any software vendor granting them unlimited access to and use of your data. Obviously, Daddy Google can see the data, BUT it's unstructured and not specifically aggregated with 1000's of others as is the case with all Software As A Services offerings, and this is very relevant. It is impossible to create a "more private" cloud based accounting solution at this time that can be handled by the current user base.

Short and Long Term Software Licensing Costs drop by factors of 10 to 200

These templates have a one time, life time licensing fee for Professionals and a one time, life time licensing fee for the Users they engage with. Most users and professionals stand to save $1000 to $8000 per business or per tracked set of accounting data over a life time of bookkeeping. Likewise, once a business or accounting endeavor is wrapped up, you have full access to your data for life with no ongoing archive or storage fees.

Bookkeeping Costs Should Drop a lot too...

The speed with which an educated user can use this system for bookkeeping tasks is startling. This is due to the benefits of Spreadsheets over Databases for Bookkeeping AND it is due to very clever spreadsheet template designs. A large time savings should result in a cost savings to DOERS one way or another. It's so simple in fact, many end users may be able to discontinue the use of paid bookkeepers completely or they may be able to swap out that service for a simpler professional review process for lower ongoing costs.

A Positive and Negative Values version is all we have for now. Debits and Credits be Gone!! (except for those that really want it. They exist on the backend and can be added to the front end if desired but not recommended for any until the positive and negative values version is mastered for a change in mindset)

We suggest all users start out with our Positive and Negative Values version. This was designed to show people that accounting can be done without the confusion of debits and credits for all individuals and small businesses. For those that push this system to the max with increasingly complex General Journal entries, they will be able to then see why the debits and credits start to have benefits for larger systems.

We can offer conversion instructions for those who wish to convert all the journals from positive and negative values to debits and credits and/or we may offer a downloadable one at some time in the future.

Unlimited Copies for Personal Use with no recurring fees - Make a Gazillion of you'd like!

This is just a spreadsheet template. You are free to make a Gazillion copies for yourself and your businesses if you'd like. We've sealed it with a Karmic Kiss to avoid inappropriate sharing and distribution. Feel free to test that if you'd like, but don't come crying when a karmic boomerang finds its mark!

A year's worth of Sample Data for starters!

The software comes pre-loaded with a year's worth of sample data for John Doe Acupuncture. There is no better way to get a feel for software than sample data. Other sample data sets could be imported extremely easily for different types of education and modeling.

A Faux Banking Website to practice Manual Download and import of CSV data!

A faux banking website exists that contains the same sample data as is provided with the software. This allows for the teaching and practice of downloading and importing in a simulated environment.

A Budgeting Module...

This software has a budgeting module that allows for budgeting for all Chart of Accounts and/or for All Chart of Accounts for a subset of transactions.

A Transaction Generator!!

This software has a Transaction Generator which allows for the rapid creation of data sets for data modelling and educational purposes. The user sets up Master Records and then hits go and hundreds of thousands of transactions are generated instantly. Those than can be cut and pasted into banking ledgers or there is an push option as well.

Data Integrity Tools far beyond an optional Balance Sheet...

Because this is a spreadsheet with far less data entry controls, advanced systems for finding and rooting out errors have been developed. These also will help newbies grow into becoming proficient bookkeepers without the leaps that were required prior.

Procedural Simplicity is Refreshing

This software mirrors real world, old school processes. Given it's open-source, spreadsheet design there are no "black boxes" as found in all other bookkeeping solutions. You can see every moving part and all moving parts have been simplified as much as possible. The ability to both see and comprehend every tiny step in the software management process of your accounting data if desired removes massive amounts of cognitive energy that is otherwise subconsciously constrained by black boxes.

Procedural Speed is Startling

Professional Bookkeepers, Accountants and Financial Professionals already DO much of what's found in these templates on the side sometimes. They just haven't formalize it nearly this far and completed a few of the tougher steps. These spreadsheet templates offer a dramatically different approach to manual data import, data mapping, transaction categorization and real time report generation as compared to relational databases with fixed user interfaces. With this, you can bulk categorize 10 to 100 transactions in a matter of a second or two without any submit buttons no screen refreshing etc. It's just a spreadsheet. You grab a categorized cell and drag down. For this reason you also have no need for memorized transactions, for example, because you get that functionality in a far faster way. You'll have to see it in action to believe it. Once you see it, you won't be able to doubt it nor forget it.

Open Source Code is a WONDERFUL addition that none have seen to date in Accounting Software

Open source code means all scripting and code used in the program is visible to the user for review and modification. In this case, all core accounting functionality is performed with spreadsheet equations only. No scripting is even used for the core accounting functionality which makes this a very interesting educational tool as well as accounting solutions. Scripting in Google Script (Javascript with Google objects) is used for some of the Graphical Interface features and that makes for a great educational experience for many too.

Multiple Instances on Multiple Machines and Simultaneous Users can be Mind-bending-ly Cool

With multiple monitors you can have multiple instances of the same software open on the same machine or different machines. While you can do that with other solutions you can't see the data changes firing in real time like you can with a spreadsheet. Other solutions offer static screens that need to be refreshed. These are dynamic and update as soon as changes are made anywhere in the files. This makes doing things like stepping through Balance Sheets by day looking for issues a far simpler experience.

Sharing, Security and Data Integrity of Google is Unmatched

These are all stored on your own Google Drive. You have all the security and sharing functionality of Google. You have all intrinsic backup systems that Google offers too.

Full Customization Capabilities are HUGE

These templates are yours for life and you can customize them any way you'd like.

The End of Software Bloat is Heaven Sent...

Software bloat refers to the idea that the natural life cycle of software is to start out simple to accumulate a few users. Then more basic needs are met and that part is cool too. Then developers get greedy and/or board and they start adding more and more functionality after the basic needs are met which have a net negative affect on the user experience in most instances. Software Bloat can't exist with this solution because You control It!! Once you get his working the way you want it, it can stay that way for life without another bit ever moved out of place.

This is not just a powerful tool for accounting change!!

This is the demonstrable example that ends the SAAS run for many companies preying on Small Business Owners and maybe even some large ones too!

"Paradigm Shift" is said by many, but few times is it ever as dramatic as it is with this software solution

Welcome to true 21st Century Accounting