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We are looking for investor users who have the ability to take ownership of the software and understanding and then are immediately in a position to share that with others for a reasonable fee for them and us.

  1. Accounting and Financial Services - We are looking for people who have the ability to use this for their own accounting and/or bookkeeping needs and that of paying clients. Logically this group might include:
    1. The target investor users may include:
      1. CPAs and Bookkeepers working with Small Business Clients and Individuals
      2. Tax Preparers helping shoe box accounting customers at tax time
      3. Financial Planners with Accounting Background
      4. Other
    2. The uses may be for
      1. Small Business Accounting
      2. Personal Accounting
      3. Shoe box client consolidation reporting at tax time
      4. Trust Management
      5. Divorce Reporting and negotiations
      6. Financial management for elderly family members, friends, the handicapped and incapacitated family members and friends
  2. Accounting and Financial Education - We are looking for people and institutions who have the ability to introduce this to personal clients and groups of individuals and business clients as part of their Accounting and Financial Education services.
    1. The target investor users may include:
      1. Business Coaches
      2. Business Consultants
      3. Math Tutors
      4. Lower Education Institutions
      5. Higher Education Institutions
      6. Continuing Education Institutions
    2. The uses may be for:
      1. Basic Bookkeeping and Accounting Education
      2. Advanced Bookkeeping and Accounting Education
      3. Basic Budgeting Education (with a full budgeting module and transaction generator built in)
      4. Financial Modelling
  3. Technology Education - We are looking for people and companies who have the ability to use this as part of advanced Technology Education.
    1. These may include:
      1. Public Elementary, Middle Schools or High schools
      2. Private Schools
      3. Charter Schools
      4. Colleges and Universities
      5. Community Colleges
      6. Private Teaching Academy's
      7. Technology Clubs
      8. Religious Organizations
      9. other...
    2. The topics this can be used to address include:
      1. Basic, Advanced and Expert Spreadsheet Education
      2. Basic and Advanced Google Drive Education
      3. Javascript Coding Education
      4. Google Script Coding Education
      5. Social Budgeting...

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