Testimonials (from End Users...)

As the developer of this solution I've been acting like a Licensed Professional and installing versions of this software for End Users since 2017. The results were fantastic. We all knew we had something, but it became clear that figuring out a distribution system with proper setup support, initial education, and seasonal ongoing support was critical.

Bryan M. Rogoff, OD, MBA, CPHM, FAAO -- Owner, EyeExec Consulting LLC, Baltimore MD https://www.eye-exec.com

Bryan R and Bryan C first met around 2003. Bryan R became both a Real Estate Client and friend, and he later purchased 2105 St. Paul Street from Bryan C, a very cool pad indeed.

Bryan R and Bryan C sat down together with a newer version of ZAP Accounting's Bookkeeping Module in November 2018 and Bryan R finally got to see what this was really all about.

Bryan R has multiple installs of ZAP Accounting for his business, his rental home and his personal finances.

Testimonial From Bryan R ~

Switching from a W-2 employee to a small business owner was overwhelming itself, and finding software to simplify bookkeeping and accounting tasks was next to impossible. Even having an accounting degree, I would keep paper receipts and organize them in an accordion folder. When it came time to filing my taxes, it would literally take 2 weeks of organizing, categorizing and creating spreadsheets, not to mention the loss of productivity!

When Bryan introduced me to ZAP Accounting's Bookkeeping Module and setup the accounts, a HUGE weight was lifted. There are some things in accounting that should not be automated with your business, such as reconciliation and assignment of accounts. My bookkeeping and tax filing takes ONLY 1 hour every 4 months!!! In addition, my CPA expenses are less because in ZAP Accounting I've chosen to categorize my revenue and expenses according to tax code.

This software eliminates the headaches of small business owners, and after getting my bookkeeping upgrade, I found the time and desire to upgrade my marketing and promotional material too ! Apparently, that's one of the unexpected benefits he expected to see as a result too.

Bryan M. Rogoff

Owner, Eye Exec Consulting LLC

​Professional Dueling Pianist and Musician

Ric Valentine, Owner, Ric Valentine Acupuncture

Monterrey and Prunedale CA www.ricvalentineacupuncture.com

Ric was the real reason for the season so to say. Bryan and Ric have been commercially involved in each other's business since 2014, and it was that involvement which spurred the push towards Google Sheets based small business office solutions.

Together, Bryan and Ric are a living version of the Odd Couple, but it's hard to deny the mutual benefits.

Ric is living proof that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Testimonial From Ric V ~

I have owned my own business since 1991 and used the following for years: Quickbooks, bookkeepers, accountants and consultants to manage my books and taxes.

Over the past three years, I have shifted to a simple Google Sheets alternative that is called “Zap Accounting” that is both easy and intuitive. Through the use of spreadsheets where I use copy and paste functions to align values, categories and amounts, I can balance my books quickly and easily. This eliminates the need for both the bookkeepers and Intuit's Quickbooks software, thus saving me thousands of dollars in professional help as well as the need to repurchase the next version of Quickbooks every couple of years in order to run my business.

The Zap Accounting solution is both quick and easy to understand. I can balance my monthly statements in a matter of ten minutes or so. With a basic understanding of a few spread sheet commands, I’m able to grab my raw data and align it with previous months so that my books are always balanced and if there is a discrepancy Zap Accounting flags it.

The best part is that now I have a true understanding of the difference between Tax Accounting and Cost Accounting which allows me to make Tax decisions based on which line item certain costs will be accounted for on my Schedule C. I can play with cost accounting any way I want without affecting the data I would use for my tax records.

I would strongly encourage any small business owner to spend some quality time perusing this amazing alternative that has given me both more free time and more importantly, transparency into what I make, where it goes and how to track it.

Ric Valentine LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Clinical Nutrition Expert

Professional Bartender, Exceptional Cook and Story Teller

Ryan Fenley -- Owner, Paywize, Inc, A Merchant Services Company

​Costa Mesa, CA

Ryan and Bryan have known each other since the early 2000's. Ryan was the Sales Manager for Go Software when Bryan and some partners were using older products for processing Credit Card Transactions online for themselves and others as a payment processing gateway.

In 2017 Ryan joined the ranks of the self-employed and he called Bryan to ask him about incorporation and bookkeeping options.

Ryan is the only person to have been subjected to the older versions of ZAP Accounting Software's Bookkeeping Module which was not remotely automated enough for distribution. Thus he is fondly referred to as Test Bunny #1. Ryan currently uses two different installs of ZAP for two different companies.

Testimonial From Ryan F ~

I have known Bryan for 15+ years. He really understands the challenges small business owners experience when it comes to managing the accounting of the business.

I am one of Bryan's first users who had zero accounting background. I am a sales guy who has no business doing accounting, but I figured it would be best to try to manage my own books so I can maintain a level of control and have an immediate picture of my company financial situation.

Bryan's solution to eliminating the need to get tied up with Quick Books was very appealing. I have been managing my own books since 2018 with Bryan's solution and I am so happy I did due to the simplicity and elimination of what Bryan calls software "BLOAT", the never ending fees and the imprisonment that looms with Quick Books.

Every small business owner should be using this solution to manage their bookkeeping and I am sure if all the small business owners using Quick Books were aware of this solution, they would make the change immediately.

​Ryan Fenley

Owner, Paywize, Inc.

Surfer Extraordinaire

Joelle Eberhart -- Owner, Jo Strong LLC

Greater NYC http://www.jostrong.com

Joelle is Bryan's cousin's daughter! Her dad is a fellow ZAP user with a review below.

Bryan and Joelle first had a chat about small business in the 2014 time frame and she has since graduated from High School started an educational path and started her own LLC for personal training with her own spin on staying fit and healthy.

Joelle heard about ZAP Accounting from her Dad and she called out of the blue one day while in the Monterey Bay area and the rest is history!

Joelle is the first person who tried getting up to speed on Bryan's solution by using videos only, and all things considered it went great!

Testimonial From Joelle E ~

Born in 1997, I'm a full time student and I started my own personal training business in 2018. I’ve taken two accounting classes, and even though I got an A I was thoroughly confused about what to do for my small business bookkeeping needs. I was just about to get Quickbooks before tax season.

My Dad (Scott Eberhart) tipped me off that Bryan had a great bookkeeping solution so when I was in his part of the country I ventured over to say hello.

Thank goodness I dropped in because wow, bookkeeping is actually easy and accounting is not confusing at all! The problem is with how it is taught!! Within 2 months in my spare time I’ve read all of his material, set up my business flawlessly (even though it was my first year and of course it was a mess), cancelled my fancy merchant service because I realized I didn’t need them to be organized, set up my personal finances, and I've been preaching to the world about how easy bookkeeping should be for all. Without ZAP Accounting Software's Bookkeeping Module, I could have been blowing money unnecessarily for bookkeeping software and support for many years. Thank you so much Bryan!

Joelle Eberhart

Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Student

Daniel Stuart, Owner, Iron Antler Forge and Axhileration

​Damascus MD

http://www.ironantlerforge.com/ https://axhilaration.jimdo.com/

Daniel and Bryan met at the American Craft Counsel show in Baltimore in the mid-2000s. Daniel was showing off his work and Bryan was mesmerized by it. They've collaborated a little together on decorative concrete and in a few other areas. When Bryan moved west he sold Daniel his small cnc plasma setup. Daniel currently owns and operates a building at the Maryland Renaissance Fair and his most amazing and unique metal work can be found in portfolios around the globe.

Testimonial From Danielle S (pending) ~

In November 2018 Bryan paid a visit to Daniel to catch up on life. Bryan shared what he was doing with ZAP Accounting and Daniel expressed an interest in checking it out . Bryan spent an hour or so setting Daniel up, and Daniel currently has one (or two?) installs going for his businesses.

3/18/2019 -- Daniel just acted as guinea pig #1 for the new version and it went very well.

Scott Eberhart, Lieutenant, San Francisco Fire Department

Santa Rosa CA www.vacantstuff.com

Scott is Bryan's first cousin. Scott's Dad and Step Mom are aging and Scott, his brother, and Bryan's mother have been slowly taking over the day-to-day financial operations for the household. Bryan was in Santa Rosa trying to sell some metal art for Christmas and he shared this accounting solution with Scott. Scott, a multi decade Quicken user, picked it up and ran with it. He dropped his Quicken subscriptions within a week of putting his hands on ZAP Accounting. Scott currently has two installs going, one for his father and mother-in-law and one for his own vacation rental.

Scott is also a lifetime musician, writer and closet artist and he volunteers time to the music department at a local high school.

Testimonial From Scott E ~

Bryan showed me the ZAP Accounting's Bookkeeping Program a few weeks ago. It is exactly what I need for multiple accounts. I'm managing a family member's finances from a distance. Easy to use. I'm tracking a rental property. Easy to adapt. I'm running the household finances. Easy to set up. The platform is intuitive and self-populates on several sheets to analyze spending. Also, it doesn't have any of the stuff I've been paying for and not using on my current accounting program. Thanks, Bryan!

Scott Eberhart

Firefighter/Paramedic San Francisco Fire Department

Saxophonist, Writer and Closet Artist