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This is about Licensing and we feel you get a LOT for your $$$ -- BUT, it can also be thought of as Crowd Funding from Professionals only if that feels better to you...

We are initially looking for 1,000 Accounting and Technology Literate Professionals from the Accounting, Finance, Technology and/or Education Arenas who are willing to pay $400 to $2000 for a lifetime, unlimited user license (actual pricing TBD) .

What will you get for your investment?

    1. In total there are approximately 45 worksheets in a single Google Sheet file with an external Google Script Library that make up the software. There is only one version at this time. It uses positive and negative values on the front end and has debits and credits cross checks on the back end.
    2. You get access this software version for life. This can be converted to a debits and credits front end easily and that may be offered by us as well in the future or instructions will be provided for conversion. All upgrade and future development included.
    3. Access to an instructional video library for file setup and basic use for life
    4. Access to an instructional video library filled with technical details on every page/screen in the software (very detailed) for life
    5. Access to the Professionals only forum . Developer will monitor for support issues the community can not answer. (this may or may not have an annual fee for use)
    6. Ability/Permission to setup your own private, Professionals only forums without developer participation (key contact for group can then pay for developer support if needed). In fact you are encouraged to do this.
    7. Access to the developer for fee based consulting or education (Approximately $150 to 400/hour in 15 minute increments - discounts may apply)
    8. Ability to setup Group Education Programs for other Licensed Professionals with or without paid developer support.
    9. A holistic system for learning more about Google Sheets and Google Scripting than most ever thought they'd be interested in -- and one you can use as much or as little as you like...
    10. First notice/access to other Cost Accounting Systems and Operational Systems that will be similar in concept to this that are designed for all kinds of small business folks (aka ability to become a small business software consultant / dealer / educator way beyond just this module).

What else do you get for being in this first group of Professional Investors?

    1. You will be given the first shot at distribution and education opportunities. These may or may not have additional one time licensing fees
    2. You have the ability to influence the initial product, distribution and education roll out
    3. You can say you were a part of the first wave of change that started a conversion of millions of Quickbooks users and spreadsheet DIYers over to a new type of Accounting Solution.
    4. You have the ability to influence small business and personal accounting systems around the world -- as other countries are lacking in holistic solutions too...

Distribution and Education Rights (additional fees may apply)

After a probationary period as a user, you will have the ability to distribute the software to your clients. We will ask you to charge a pass thru licensing fee of $1 to $100 for each paying client you setup on the software (tbd) They will be asked to sign a non-distribution agreement, meaning the software will be theirs to use for life, with unlimited copies with you as their service provider and/or support person. There is/will be no outside support for end users other than what you are willing to offer at this time. The software may be served from your Google Drive (with proper contingency options) or theirs -- this is all TBD...

After a probationary period as a user, we expect to grant some individuals the authority to teach and educate using the software, if that is of interest. Bad teachers can get bad reviews, so teach wisely.

Welcome to a New Paradigm

( there are a lot of commercial changes coming all at once?!?! we will all be making things up on the fly !!!! )